13 December – Rest and relax

13 December

Celebrate the light coming back. That was as said yesterday the tradition in olden days Sweden. These days we celebrate Lucia, she brings the light. Lucia was also believed to bring evil as she was the female Lucifer. Every one would stay in and light up candles to make the bad stay away.

For us, December is also a time to rest.  Most of us don’t! But now is the time to change that and here is what you do:

Find a comfortable place on the floor and cover with a mat or a blanket. Lie down, let arms and legs relax, let the head lie heavily on the floor, relax the tongue, the eyes, the ears, the nose, the throat, the neck, shoulders, arms and shoulders, belly, back, legs, hips and feet.

Let go.

Observe yourself.

Observe your body.

Observe your breath.

Be! Stay for a moment.

Make the most of the this moment of peace.

Love Susanne

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