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My Danish web site and mailing list

After a while, I set up my Danish web site last year. I chose a free Danish provider, options are limited but I find it suits me for now. Even though you are nore a Dane nor Danish reader, I invite you to dash through the pages. SusanneBangGrange.webnode.dk

Also you can sign up for my mailing list here

I wish you a lovely weekend and let me know how you go.



Use but don’t abuse

Dear readers,

I have been silent for a while and apparently some hackers thought that was an opportunity to abuse my journal and write odd stories. Sorry for that and hopefully that is not going to repeat.

That said I am trying to get back to you, to give you some useful information and inspiration also because I am missing to write to you.

Over the last year, and yes, it is a year I have been in Denmark now, I have been setting up my business in Roskilde. I have not finished. It is on-going and I guess it will be in constant development. It is very fun and rewarding and I have met amazing people and had so much inspiration. My source of energy comes from my practice, my studies and a certain faith in what I am doing.

I am looking forward to being in contact more often for fun, motivation, spirit and hope.

Love Susanne


Kombucha – probiotic and body alkalizer

What is Kombucha?

Kombucha is a living symbiotic colony of yeast and beneficial bacteria. The culture develops in tea infusion and turns sugar into organic acids and carbon dioxide through natural fermentation. At the same time, it produces a wide variety of other compounds which are detoxifying and nourishing to the human body, including gluconic, lactic and folic acid. The resulting mixture is with high content of B vitamins and a wide range of probiotics (beneficial bacteria Lactobacillus acidophilus and s. Boulardii).

Kombucha is a fermented tea, an ancient elixir used for thousands of years. The most common benefits, attributed to Kombucha, include improved digestion, increased energy and clear mind.

Kombucha is more than just a drink. Its unique flavor is a delight, and its natural carbonation tickles your throat, pointing out that something magical happens. The origins of Kombucha are coming far from centuries. In 250 BC, people of the Yuan dynasty in China consumed a drink from fermented tea. They called it “elixir of immortality”. Several centuries later, in Russia, it was known as “tea kvass”, in Austria it was called “kombuher” and in America – Kombucha, but to many people it was actually known simply as “Mushroom of Monchuria”. Regardless of where you meet it, its name can be translated as “miracle mushroom”. And Kombucha translated from Japanese means tea (cha) from seaweed (kombu).

According to a formula, which is transmitted from generation to generation, the tea ferments to create a naturally carbonated elixir designed to recover health, extend longevity and clearing mind.

Kombucha tea has been used for more than 2000 years. It has been extensively studied and applied in several medical directions in Russia, Germany, China, and many other places. This tea is naturally carbonated and has many therapeutic properties, including:

* Probiotics – healthy bacteria;
* Alkalizes the body – balances internal pH;
* Detoxifies the liver /happy liver = happy mood/;
* Purifies and regenerates the gallbladder and kidneys;
* Improves metabolism;
* Improves digestion;
* Recovers the connective tissue – helps with arthritis, gout, asthma, rheumatism;
* Relieve constipation;
* Boost of energy – helps with chronic fatigue;
* Regulates blood pressure;
* Relieves headaches and migraines;
* Helps with the clearance of kidney stones;
* Has high content of antioxidants – they destroy free radicals that cause cancer;
* Has high content of polyphenols;
* Improves eyesight;
* Shall applied topically for eczema and helps softening the skin;
* Prevent atherosclerosis;
* Accelerates healing of ulcers – kills H. pylori upon contact;
* Helps to fight Candida and yeast infections;
* Contributes to healthy cell regeneration;
* Reduces glucose levels.

Simply stated, Kombucha is an all-natural healthy drink, with extremely high levels of probiotics and other healthy amino acids. “Probiotic” literally means “for life”. Unlike antibiotics, which kill all bacteria in your body, including useful, probiotics can regenerate the “natural ecology of the intestinal flora”. Probiotics contribute to boost immunity, improve mood, fight allergies, detoxify our body and fight disease. However, Kombucha is not a panacea! It brings balance to our body so it can heal itself naturally. It is able to do so much because it works with the immune system of your body.

Source: vita-organic.eu

Thank you!

Sund forskning fagmesse – Yogaterapi og masser af sundhed

Sund forskning – 21-22/4-2018.

Docken, København.

Mød mig og YogaTerapi.

Vil du have en gratis billet så sig til.

Vedholdenhed * perseverance * abhyāsa * percévérance.



Læs om yogaterapi og mig på


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Hilsen Susanne

Status six months after moving

Just about six months ago we moved from Jerusalem to Denmark. Seems as if we have been here for longer. Moving to a place where you are expected to know how things work, you speak the language and look like the everyday Dane and then again your inside is what should be on your outside.

We are new in a setting we know to a certain extent. Having lived here before makes us the adults come back into habits of the use of trains, buses, the library, cycling, the cold and wet, the dark mornings, the health system, the good roads, the way people stay indoors in winter and many other things. But being a child never having lived here is a completely new world and we constantly remind ourselves to be tolerant and understanding. Questions and reactions that they have may seem banal to us adults but it is new and inexperienced to them.

Moving is not an easy task and it does rock around your world… not only for the time it takes to get the boxes opened and emptied but for at lot longer.

So we are working on our integration and still happy to have made it this far.

25 December

25 December


Merry Christmas

Remember to come back!

24 December

24 December

Standing up side down

You are safe near the wall. Kick up with left leg. Then try right leg. Hands nicely parallel. Good luck.

23 December

23 December

Kick up

Very simple kick your legs up, start with left, then right… go ahead and kick like a donkey, horse ….

22 December

22 December

Strength and balance

Play with putting your knees on your elbows…. Just try, one and then two… the lift one foot off. It is all about balance.