Activities you can do with your children and activities you can let your children do with good consciousness.

En lille øvelse for øjnene

Efterårets farver skifter hver dag. Nu og da titter solen frem. Morgen og aften er de smukkeste rosa, lilla og blå nuancer på himmelhvælvingen.

Kig ud, kig op, kig langt, kig nært. Lad dine øjne møde naturens lys eller kig ind i flammen på et stearinlys.

Du har brug for:

Et stearinlys, gerne af bivoks, det dufter godt og kommer lige ud af naturen og tændstikker

Gør sådan:

Saml familien.

Sid i stilhed.

Stryg en tændstik.

Tænd lyset.

Vend tændstikken så flammen langsomt brænder ud medens I ser på den.

Denne lille øvelse giver ro, stilhed og flammens lys er god for øjnene.

God fornøjelse.

15 December

15 December

Time for one of the most important classical yoga shapes to keep the spine springy and youthful.

You can do the simple version or experiment yourself or let the kids do the leg lift.

Do a few counter movements afterwards with the legs towards the chest, gentle small movements like this:

Love Susanne

14 December

14 December

Today we will lie on the back. Find a good spot. Do this by your self or invite kids and grand kids to join. Cycle, move and be fun and crazy with arms and legs. Roll up and down or just from side to side. Be active.

Then, move both knees towards your chest. Inhale and stretch the legs upeards as much as you can, straight or not, but for children: straight, tighten the muscles!

Exhale and move the legs back to the stomach while sucking the stomach in. Repeat 3-6 times.

Rest for a moment.

Love Susanne

13 December – Rest and relax

13 December

Celebrate the light coming back. That was as said yesterday the tradition in olden days Sweden. These days we celebrate Lucia, she brings the light. Lucia was also believed to bring evil as she was the female Lucifer. Every one would stay in and light up candles to make the bad stay away.

For us, December is also a time to rest.  Most of us don’t! But now is the time to change that and here is what you do:

Find a comfortable place on the floor and cover with a mat or a blanket. Lie down, let arms and legs relax, let the head lie heavily on the floor, relax the tongue, the eyes, the ears, the nose, the throat, the neck, shoulders, arms and shoulders, belly, back, legs, hips and feet.

Let go.

Observe yourself.

Observe your body.

Observe your breath.

Be! Stay for a moment.

Make the most of the this moment of peace.

Love Susanne

12 December – Time for saluting the Sun

Hello all,

The 12 December, in the old days in the traditions in Sweden people believed that light started to cone back from the 13 December. I propose a salute to the Sun to welcome it in this spirit although we know now that the shift happens on 21 December.

For the kids: Make 3 salutes as fast as you can!

Love Susanne

10 December

10. December

The snow is about to start falling.

Try this forward fold and combine it with 7, 4 and 5 December.

Enjoy and don’t let the outside world decide your mood. Find energy and power inside, it is all there.

Love Susanne

9 December

9 December

Balance – how can we find our balance in this world. We are in constant movement and by praticibg balabce in yoga we practice balance in life.

We may loose balance, regain it and keep it. Some days it is easy to keep it, some days not. One let may be easier than the other. Accept, practice to accept however it goes.

Love Susanne

7 December

7 December

Time for holding your toes. Do as yesterday and stay holding your toes and count to 5 or sing the first 3 lines of Jingle Bells 🙂

Have fun and for this weekend, perhaps you want to prepare for baking. Here is a little inspiration:

Topping can be put on bought cookies or bake the cookies yourself and decorate or simply bake spicy cookies and enjoy.

Be ready tomorrow. Look back and remember day 2, what did we do?

Love Susanne

6 December

Dear All,

The 6 December, special day for many. We were lucky to be around a Swiss family and the Francophone children around Roskilde met up to hear about Saint Nicolas. The Swiss had made fun figures of wheat dough resembling Saint Nicolas, they had raisin eyes. After the snack, the children played games like Uno, Times up and Monopoly. Everyone was happy.


Another rocket or a pencil!

Stand with the feet together.

Take a deep breath in as you raise your arms.

Start to breathe out as you bend down and move on to your flat feet.

If you want come up on your toes and try to balance! Even stay for a breath or count to 4 when on your toes.

Do it on your own or share with others, make it a thing to do with the family. Fall and jump…. whatever it takes to have a laugh.

Love Susanne