Activities you can do with your children and activities you can let your children do with good consciousness.

6 December

Dear All,

The 6 December, special day for many. We were lucky to be around a Swiss family and the Francophone children around Roskilde met up to hear about Saint Nicolas. The Swiss had made fun figures of wheat dough resembling Saint Nicolas, they had raisin eyes. After the snack, the children played games like Uno, Times up and Monopoly. Everyone was happy.


Another rocket or a pencil!

Stand with the feet together.

Take a deep breath in as you raise your arms.

Start to breathe out as you bend down and move on to your flat feet.

If you want come up on your toes and try to balance! Even stay for a breath or count to 4 when on your toes.

Do it on your own or share with others, make it a thing to do with the family. Fall and jump…. whatever it takes to have a laugh.

Love Susanne

4 December – The plank

4 December – Time to be strong and powerful in your core.

Have fun with a friend or siblings. Try it out at school. Perhaps you have had competitions who could stand the longest. It is simple – but quite a good work out.

Have fun.

2 and 3 December – Star rocket and heart

2 and 3 December

The Star rocket – Stjerneraketten

Jump your legs appart and reach the arms to the sides.

Dansk: Hop ud i en bred stilling som vist.

Move the arms towards the heart, palms touching or backs of hands touching.

Saml haandfladerne foran hjertet.

Take a deep breath in and push the hands and arms upwards as you jump! Make a swish sound!

Tag en stor inddaanding og skub haenderne op medens du hopper. Lav en suselyd.

And now lets make a heart like this

You start with choosing two different kinds of paper. It can be from the last birthday present wrappings.

Cut out two identical shapes

Then begin to fold, slowly and carefully

Have fun and don’t despair – Try again and you will master the technique.

Love Susanne

Calendar for you and the kids – December count down – 1 December

Calendar for December

1 December

A tradition I would like to share – we have a way of counting down or rather up to 24…. then since we got children we follow the French traditions and we are now counting to 25 December.

Have fun with us and start counting today with a new yoga shape every day.

Lets open the door together….

Need something to hold on to?

And then if you have more time…. we will teach you how to make a heart like this

Back tomorrow.