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December is coming!!

December is coming!

What are your first thoughts? Christmas for many. Almost no matter where you are, Christmas has somehow sneaked in and in many places overwhelmed the traditional doings. You need extra stability and steadiness. Many temptations and easily we are drawn into the havoc and the hyped atmosphere. With the motto in hand: “It is only Christmas once a year” we overdo. We are not able to keep our good habits and we buy and buy and eat and eat. “Because in January, I will …..

Peace. Rest. Harmony. Happiness. Presence. Consciousness. Silence. Bliss. Good decisions. Satisfaction. Joy. Experience.

Lower heartbeat. Less sweat. Less colds. Better digestion. Less redness. Better sight. Less tension. A good health.

Maybe these are not on top of your wish list. Although they could be, just a little difficult for people to give you. It is rather an issue between you and yourself. Maybe you ask for help from some external source. Fair enough. Some may not ask but they go to the fitness club, run, do yoga or other things to keep zen in this month. Others may rather like to forget this month so they eat, drink and are merry.

We try to do what is right at least when it is in our power. Sometimes we overdo. However, things are December is often a little too much and more than we wish for.

Your possibility in December

Instead of boring diets, bad consciousness and taste in the mouth, belching and irritation take time in December to open a hatch every day in your “Get yourself a breath in December”. You have the opportunity to increase your chances to receive a whole lot of the good stuff mentioned above. Even in December.

The only thing you have to do is to donate 10-15 minutes of your time every day from 1 to 25 December. Your gift is a breathing room.

« One breathing room, please. »

This is how you do it: Before you go to bed on the 30. November, check your calendar and set aside 10 or 15 minutes on 1 December. Clear the space in your calendar. Now you are ready.

Keep your promise to yourself and make sure you get the time you have donated to yourself. Time for yourself, time to get down in gear, for the heart, your body and your thoughts will find a common rhythm.

It may take you up to 25 days maybe more to notice how a small act like this scan change your life. Give it time, be patient and remember perseverance will pay off.

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Be in December in the best possible way

In the big picture, it is not this Christmas that is important, it is your wellbeing in all the coming Christmas’es.

Invest in yourself for your sake and for that of your surroundings.